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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Playing an instrument
develops more parts of the brain
than any other activity.

The score for this dance project was created quite organically, moment by moment,
just as Roger created his experience, and I am thrilled with the result.
An offering to the god of fluid movement that has ruled his life,
Roger Tolle's free form dance represents a response to a dance he performed
at the end of his dance career over 3 decades ago, and to the intervening years of
somatic practice that focuses on movement as a way to agelessness.

Training: 20,000 + hrs

Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Indiana, PA

Music Academy of Zagreb - Croatia

Ali Akbar College of Music - San Rafael, CA

California Jazz Conservatory - Berkeley, CA

Dhrupad Sansthan - Bhopal, India

Sankara Academy of Music and Arts - Chennai, India

Experience: 30+ years

Music is my preferred means of communication, and closest passion to my life’s work. For 30 years, I've diversified my sonic palate studying the music of the:

USA, India, Africa, Persia, Cuba, Brazil, and Hungary.


I have traveled to: 

Europe, Japan, and twice to India to immerse in the North and South Indian classical music traditions.


A few of many ensembles I've performed: 









Drum and bugle corps

Wedding bands

Kirtan/Devotional music

Yoga classes, retreats, festivals, & sound baths.


I am: 

Teaching, composing, recording a hand pan EP, & evolving my approach to looping live percussion.


I offer:

Percussion lessons (Local & Virtual)

Live music for Retreats, Yoga classes, and Sound baths


Blue Skies and Yellow Fields



Call me for group rates.


Call/Text 845-464-8654

Thank you for supporting my craft by purchasing the following albums.
Note your email with payment, and you will receive the album shortly.

“One Night, A Mile High”

Hand pan, African Ngoni, Indian Sitar, Sarangi, Tabla, and Percussion
join together for a mystifying recording session in Boulder, CO that we will never forget.


Venmo: @SonicCeremony

“The Stories We Tell”

A diverse and enchanting album of dynamic solo world percussion and percussion/vocal duets.


Venmo: @SonicCeremony


Venmo: @SonicCeremony

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