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Under the gentle architecture of world-class musicianship, myceal medicine, and mind-body healing modalities, a Sound Ceremony experience provides a nurturing environment for those seeking the opportunity for healing, self-care, and profound introspective work

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Musical Excellence
"With intention, every vibration can heal."

Brian Festa, a world-musician of 30 years, along with a divine feminine guest musician, will be guiding you with the utmost attention to the highest quality of sound. Crystal bowls, hand pans, flutes, guitar, and over 30 Theta brain-wave-inducing instruments will be carefully infused into your 4-5 hr journey, with the sole intention for all vibrations to heal ~ and not to dictate, but allow your journey to unfold naturally.

"We're in a body after all."

Our value of Self-care is what sets us apart.

  •  Mind-body practices to prepare your vessel for it's deep inward journey.

  • Ceremony ends nice and early at 6 pm.

  • Hearty soup, fruit, and refreshments will be served.

  • Time to journal, connect with community, & drive home to integrate & rest when you feel grounded & ready.

  • Massage and Hypnotherapy offered anytime post retreat by appointment.

"This is the real work."

Plant medicine illuminates, but it is our soul's duty to continue the work. Taking extra care of our community, we nurture your progress with group integration calls, profesional 1:1 support, and a WhatsApp Community.

Sound Ceremony 511 (1).png

"Connecting to the Divine Feminine "

Honoring the day before Mother's Day, we gently inquire in preparation to our sacred ceremony:

  • How do I nurture myself and others?

  • What do feminine aspects feel like?

  • What aspects of the divine feminine resonate with me?

  • How have my relationships with feminine figures shaped my understanding of the divine feminine?

  • How do I embody the divine feminine in my relationships, work, and creative expression?

  • How can I honor the cycles of life, death, and rebirth?

Then we will allow the music and the medicine

to show us its wisdom.



($100 to reserve, or pay in full)

Capacity: 20


Please include an email

with your reservation.

The Journey

Your arrival is warm and inviting. You can feel the deep history of medicine work & dedication to personal transformation within the walls of the Dragon's Nest.


Brian and two caring guardians helps everyone set up their nest and get acclimated to the property. Once settled, participants share a minute of silence together, then go around to state their intentions. You're noticing that this vulnerability allows you to feel more connected and supported.


You are guided to prime the physical body with gentle movement and Hatha yoga. After clearing the energetic body with Breathwork, your nervous system is fully at ease. Through group Hypnosis, you are safely guided to the depths of the subconscious mind where deeper clarity of your intentions are found.


The tea is served, you make yourself comfortable, and we drink together. Two experienced guardians not partaking in the medicine are on hand to support you in any way throughout the journey. Brian reads the room... and begins with the instrument for the moment. Entrancing rhythms and melodies are tastefully woven into your experience, creating a easeful and healing sonic environment that allows your para-sympathetic system to receive the gifts of the medicine.

You are brought into a deep, restful completion of the journey, and gather with the others in circle to ground and s
hare about your experiences. You are invited to enjoy the nourishing meal, journaling, and connect with community to the extent you are comfortable after this profound voyage.



Saturday 5/11

12 pm - Arrival
12:30 pm - Introductions, yoga, breathwork, group hypnosis

1:30 pm - Ceremony
6:00 pm - Closing circle

6:30 pm - Hearty soup, refreshments, journaling, connect with community

8 pm - Departure

Sunday 5/12

7 pm - Zoom Integration

Sunday 5/19

7 pm - Zoom Integration

What To Bring

Warm and comfortable clothing, Mat/pad, bedding, water bottle


Eye mask, journal & pen

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(Non-medicinal Sound Ceremony)


"I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life."

"I was immersed into a world deep inside myself and provided a comfortable, welcoming environment that let me explore my journey further." 

"It felt like I had been under an enchantment...

a truly unique, safe, and beautiful space."

"I lost track of time as I experienced the music not only as sound but as ethereal vibrations coursing through my being in waves."

"Unbelievable - having been engaged in all of my senses, from physical to spiritual, care and love were palpable throughout."

"Words simply cannot describe what you do. I left feeling like I was exactly where I needed to be, & with the right group of people."

"You over-deliver and don't charge enough :)"

"I've sat in many ceremonies, this was beyond beyond."

"It's incredible what you have, the quality of medicine that you have going... Please, please do this more."

"I found myself feeling peace that I've never felt before."

We look forward to providing you with an incredible holistic experience for healing, self-care, and profound introspective work.


With love and support ~


($100 to reserve, or pay in full)

Capacity: 20


Please include an email

with your reservation.





Group Hypnosis

Drum circle (drums provided)



Post ceremony refreshments


Light Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner



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