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“Brian’s approach is nothing short of magic.

Before I was a mess, now thanks to seeing him consistently, I am cultivating sustainable practices for myself. A complete 360. For the first time in years I feel like I’m going in the right direction.”


Mark Rincone

Accountant, San Diego

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields



Mind-Body medicine

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As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist & Wellness Director for the San Diego Opera:

Brian keeps the company's mental & emotional fitness at their optimum level.

In private practice:

HeartWise Hypnotherapy helps clients transform memories, emotions, and behaviors by rewriting their subconscious patterns with gentle verbal cues under a state of deep, relaxed concentration, leading to a more easeful & fulfilling life.

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Specializing in:

Anxiety/Stress management

Emotional Intelligence





Chronic pain

and more.

All you bring to a session can be resolved.

You just need to want it.

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Brian is sought after by those who have had limited success with other medical and therapeutic methods. His HeartWise Method has at times helped people overcome challenges decades-old, in a single-session.

Brian's work is heart-centered, evidence-based, and informed by over 30 years of study and certifications in Hypnosis, Massage, Yoga, Life-coaching, NLP, Gestalt, & Somatic techniques. His proven track-record is the result of his HeartWise Method coupled with some of the most transformative mind-body medicine practices in the world (descriptions below).

All initial consults and short demos are free ~ with offices in downtown San Diego & Encinitas, or remotely from the comfort of your own home on Zoom or WhatsApp.

Let's make today, "the day".

It will be an honor to work with you.

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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Let's not let finances hold you back from change. I offer a sliding scale for those in financial need to find a budget-friendly solution, making our work together accessible and sustainable.

The HeartWise Method:

I hope you will feel more comfortable with my work knowing the main approaches we may integrate in our sessions to best suit your needs, goals, and preferences.

Gestalt Therapy:
You are guided to focus on the present moment, and the physical sensations you feel in relation to your issue. I then lead you through a profound, step-by-step process which circumvents the “thought – feeling – thought – feeling” cycle to rewire your brain chemistry, promoting a more integrated and holistic understanding of the experience, and improved control of your mind-body relationship.

Regenerative Image Memory (RIM):
This is a powerful method to revisit trauma’s or past events in order to recreate an entirely different outcome. Since your subconscious will rewire both its visual memory and physical feelings related to the event, you can transform its previously negative affect. You will leave sessions with improved emotional regulation, reduced anxiety, and increased ability to reframe negative experiences; moving forward with a more cohesive and empowered sense of self.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP):
NLP is the type of language we use in all of our sessions to rewire your brain, leveraging the neurological connection between language and behavioral patterns. Through thoughtful repetition, NLP is incredible for rapid phobia removal, anxiety reduction, reprograming limiting beliefs, and massively accelerating your personal growth in all areas of your life by improving your relationships through effective communication.

Higher Self Technique:
Used in conjunction with NLP, this is an incredible way to have a real-time conversation with the part of you that “knows better.” I will guide you into a dialogue with your higher self under the hypnotic trance. Since you will be visualizing and speaking “as them” giving advice and guidance “to you”, your subconscious 
transmutes the thought patterns associated with your issue through the reframing of your higher self.

Somatic Technique:
If you are strongly connected to the physical sensations of your feelings, I often use this technique in conjunction with Gestalt Therapy. By focusing on the physical sensation of the current issue, we discover which parts are stuck and holding it in. We then incorporate movements, sounds, and anything that comes up in order to remove that particular energy from the body, creating space for a fresh, clean energy to take its place.

Ready to book a session?


For a free consult & demo

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