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“Brian is one of the most versatile and effective practitioners I have ever worked with. Our hypnosis sessions clear out energy that I have not experienced in any other modality. He gently helps me shift my subconscious to a more proactive mindsets in our sessions. I now see how I allow the little things to affect my focus, and how it affects my job, relationships…well, everything!”


Victor Debaias

Entrepreneur - NY, NY


“Brian has changed my family’s lives. His hypnosis is at an incredibly high level, and other specialties in mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise enhance his work to help us become fitter, faster, and stronger mentally and physically. The peace and joy he has brought to the artistic process for the San Diego Opera and my family has been indispensable. If you are considering transforming you, or your organization's wellbeing, take the leap. It is well worth the cost and more.” 


Abigail Allwein

Chorus, SD Opera


“My posture has caused so much pain to my body and mind for my entire life. A friend referred me to Brian and he has easefully integrated somatic practices into our hypnotherapy sessions. I’ve modified my posture in each of my workspaces at work and at home. Never before have I experienced progressive improvement in my back pain, state of mind and productivity.”


Erica Palmer

Entrepreneur - Dallas, TX


"I've worked with Brian for months now and highly recommend his hypno-therapeutic practices. I've referred friends and family to him because he inspires, educates, and supports with empathy, creating a trustworthy environment for me to go as deeply as needed in our sessions. Brian's also equipped me with stress management techniques and holistic approaches for a healthier lifestyle. I use them daily to make positive choices which have transformed my life. He's a gem!"


Elizabeth Fittro

Major Gifts Officer, SD Opera


“I’m awestruck by what Brian’s hypnosis has done for me just from one appointment! I was living in perpetual stress, and now more things feel exciting, rather than fearful. I’m thrilled to continue with these sessions and my perspective on how much is possible has grown exponentially.”


Zach Williams

Single father - Atlanta, GA


“I have suffered from high anxiety for decades, and with each session, have found cumulative peace, positivity, and soundness of mind. My sleep, diet, and exercise habits have all improved, making me feel more productive and rejuvenated. I now understand the meaning of "peace". Brian's abilities are second-to-none.”


Matt Kissel

Patron Services, SD Opera


“Brian's work has provided me with the tools to succeed professionally, and thrive personally. The transformative impact of his work on the recovery, well-being, and overall health of our community members cannot be overstated. It has been an incredible investment, and the positive outcomes extend beyond the individual, contributing to a collective sense of morale and productivity within the SDO community.”


Alexis Alfaro

Chorus, SD Opera 


“Brian has been my saving grace, and that’s a lot coming from a minister! I’m now making choices that are more in tune with my emotions. I’m so much more accountable, disciplined, and consistent. I am proud tomorrow of the meaningful steps I took today, and commit to these sessions to honor myself and my community.”


Sara Truelle

Minister, Naples, FL


“Brian’s ability to enhance the workflow and productivity in my several positions at SD Opera through hypnosis has been impressive. His calm approach and diverse skill set have been a vital asset to my job performance, and I know that he has been a benefit to many colleagues at the company as well. I am delighted to support him in his endeavors!”


Bruce Stasyna

Conductor in Residence, SD Opera


“I am now eating healthier and getting back to the gym through hypnosis and Brian’s integrative somatic techniques. I’ve already lost 7 pounds in two weeks, and our goals that we affirm under trance have been my new subconscious reality!”


Morgan Radner

Elementary Educator, San Francisco, CA


"I came to Mr. Festa at a crucial time when I needed a caring professional who understood my career in the Arts. He listened with an open heart, and guided me through poignant hypnotic suggestions for mind, body, and spirit. He accepted me right where I was and helped reframe my thoughts during these challenging times. His work is invaluable."


Claudia Diaz-Acevedo

Financial Specialist, SD Opera


“Brian’s approach is nothing short of magic. Before I was a mess, now thanks to seeing him consistently, I am cultivating sustainable practices for myself. A complete 360. For the first time in years I feel like I’m going in the right direction.”


Mark Rincone

Accountant, San Diego


“Our Gestalt sessions have lessened my suffocating anxiety to a now manageable scale. I can NOT thank Brian enough for his compassionate wisdom and range of effective hypnosis modalities. I now see clearly the patterns that hold a lot of tightness and emotion. It’s like I can breathe again. I look forward to our sessions every week!”


Andrea Newborne

Receptionist, San Diego


“Brian’s impact on my life has been incredible, getting to the heart of each issue, and skillfully offering the modality of support that is needed for each session. He has a gentle demeanor, and intuitively sees all the subtext that could use focus. I went from fearful and anxious to collaborative and joyful about my work and work relationships. I heartily support Brian's healing work for anyone ready to change their lives for the better.”


Melody Moore

SD Opera Artistic Director


“Sleep deprivation was one of my biggest health issues, but I never expected the connection to my childhood would be the source of it. Thanks to Brian’s Gestalt sessions, I’ve had a better night's rest every night. Simply amazing!”


Llewellyn Craine

Director of Development, SD Opera


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