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Maria Todaro

General Director, Florida Grand Opera
Miami, Florida

Sometimes it just takes 1 session for a breakthrough. Maria was no different. Due to confidentiality and the sensitive nature of our work, specific details could not be shared on this recording.

Karl Kimmel

Freelance Bassist


Karl was coming off an 8 hour drive before our initial consultation. I offered to reschedule so he could get some rest. His response? "No way, I've been praying about this all day, let's do it!"

Mia Bella D'Augelli

Freelance Violinist

1st Violin - Portland Symphony Orchestra


The highly coveted Symphony seat almost all classical musicians aspire to was within Mia's reach, but anxiety and personal challenges were getting in the way... Spoiler alert: SHE MADE IT!

Gabriel Dresdale

Cellist, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer/Songwriter

New York

Gabriel is a talented multi-instrumentalist who saw an opportunity to get himself unstuck from poor mindset patterns that had not been serving him for very long time. Enter: Musician Medicine.

David Levy

Freelance Flautist

New York

With his employment in the hospitals completely cut from the Pandemic, David's predicament was much more than a lifetime of money-mindset blocks. It was such a joy to see how far he came.

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